Friday, 9 September 2011

Woof woof ......

I thought I would share a couple of photographs of Zuri our rhodesian ridgeback with you.  I ordered some photo prints the other day from Snapfish as I have a lovely scrapbook from Stampin Up! that I want to make a start on for Jake.  I was going through my picture folders and found this picture of Zuri at 8 weeks old.  I think this picture was taken on the first day we brought her home.  She is not allowed on the sofa now as she is far too big!!

Here she is in October last year.   She looks HUGE compared to the first picture!   She still has the creased forehead when she raises her ears, the best way to get this to happen is to ask her if she would like a biscuit or to go for a walk. 

Thanks for visiting.  See you again soon.  Hopefully with some more cards.
xx  Jane


  1. Oh how I remember her that small !! Glad you're getting round to making the album at last. Hope you are all well. xxx

  2. Oh my goodness, what a cutie! Thanks for your lovely comment Jane - it made my day! Vx