Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday stroll along the Greenway

This afternoon we went for a walk along the Spen Valley Greenway.  It is a former rail line that has been redeveloped as a walking and cycling way.  There are several places where you can get on and off the greenway as it stetches from Bradford to Dewsbury.  I tried to capture a sense of autumn in my snaps today.....................

here is the view towards Hightown, it was lovely and sunny with plenty of clouds in the sky

next is one of the many iron sheep which are scattered on the walk close to Clayborn football field

A couple more

Two more with our dog trying to get in the shot!

A friendly face we saw on the way, there were some free range hens in the same field but they were camera shy

View from the top of Quaker Lane looking back towards the greenway

A long shadow in the bright sunshine

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thanks for visiting   see you all again soon


  1. Inspirational photos Jane - thank you for sharing. Vx

  2. I hope you'll see this comment Jane as I know you haven't posted for a while, but I just wanted to thank you for your lovely comments. Enjoy your weekend too! Vx